Happy Martyr Videos

Dublin 8.10.11

  • Alex, Lora, and Boz
    Photos of the gig by Lora Glazer

Harrow 23.9.11

  • 279084_10150245003917186_652322185_8015073_7230358_o
    Photos from the Trinity Bar gig taken by Ian Strop

Manchester 17.9.11

  • Alex and Boz
    Pictures from the gig at Dry Bar 17.9.11. Photos by Joy Setele and Mags Burke

Birmingham 16.9.11

  • Alex
    Photos from Happy Martyr's gig at the Prince of Wales on 16.9.11. Photos by Andy Wynes and Stephanie Colledge

London 15.4.11

  • 208628_115839921828553_100002076382108_136615_63849_n
    Shots from the show at the 12 Bar club in London

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David Harris

The film in the background, is it Brighton Rock? do i get a prize?


That depends entirely on whether you are the David Harris responsible for the video!

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